”You Should Get A Life”: Andrew Tate Releases Video In Response To Greta Thunberg’s Jibe

In the video, he is seen smoking a cigar in a silk robe

Renowned teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is winning Twitter after she gave a savage reply to controversial social media personality Andrew Tate, who boasted about his cars and their enormous emissions. After being publically mocked on social media, the 36-year-old didn’t take the insult well and posted a video in response. In the video, he is seen smoking a cigar in a silk robe, as he questions Ms. Thunberg’s gender and goes on to insult her with hateful remarks.

“I’m obviously a stranger to online controversy, it’s not something I often do, but now the mainstream press is commenting on the fact that I was informing Greta that my very extensive car collection with internal combustion engines that run on dead dinosaurs have an enormous emission profile, and she replied by telling me her own email address. Greta’s email address I have small d**k energy. What would that be your own email address, Greta? Strange,” he continued. “I mean, I don’t want to assume her gender. It’s 50/50.”

Watch the video here:

“I’m not actually mad at Greta,” he continued, asking an assistant to bring in boxes of pizza and “make sure these boxes are not recycled.” “She doesn’t realize she’s been programmed. She doesn’t realize she’s a slave to the matrix…someone has sat her down and convinced her to try and convince you to beg your government to tax you into poverty to stop the sun from being hot,” he went on to say.

It all started when Mr. Tate took to Twitter and boasted about his car collections and tagged the climate activist. 

In the tweet, the former Big Brother contestant said, “I have 33 cars. My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad-turbo. My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s. This is just the start. Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.” His shameless flexing did not receive the response he expected from the 19-year-old.

Greta Thunberg replied saying she would like to know more about them and for that Andrew Tate can mail her at smalld***[email protected]


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