Woman Tired Of Her Loud Neighbours Did Something That Became A Hit On Internet

The post has received several reactions. (Picture credit: Pexels)

It is very difficult to find a calm and peaceful neighbourhood in the city. A woman got tired of her loud neighbours and decided to send them a transcript of their conversation.

Before this, the 31-year-old woman made repetitive requests asking them to talk softly but the neighbours were unaffected. The neighbours continued to host parties at night and sometimes during the day, which disrupted her routine and affected her work.

The woman took to Reddit and explained that she could clearly hear them while she was standing next door. She wrote, “There’s some echo pocket where if they are above a certain volume we can hear them directly in our bedroom as if they were just standing in the room next door.”

Further in the post, the woman shared that she also left a note on the neighbour’s front door and wrote that the conversation between them will not remain private if they continue to talk in a loud voice. She said that the situation good better for some time.

She added that after a few days, the neighbours started partying day and night. She left another note, but nothing changed. She wrote, “The other morning I was up and trying to get my work together and it was like they were talking over my shoulder. So I paused and instead typed up a transcript of their conversation. It was minimal. A few lines and responses about shopping. I went out and put it on their door. It’s been silent since.”

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The post has received several reactions. A user wrote, “Yes, it was super effective without making a formal complaint.” Another user supported her and said, “This right here, it’s good for them to know that if they’re shouting at that volume everyone can hear their business, if they don’t want their business heard they need to tone it down.”

“Yes, it might cause drama, but if they were not aware of *how* clearly you can hear them, they needed that information. You don’t want to hear them, so if they know they might be able to keep their conversations to themselves,” the third user wrote.

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