Video: BJP Leader Rides Horse At Party’s Vikas Yatra In Madhya Pradesh

Ex Madhya Pradesh Minister, Balkrishna Patidar, seen riding a horse at party’s vikas rally

Former Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister, Balkrishna Patidar, was seen riding a horse to a village in the state as part of the BJP government’s Vikas Yatra. The senior politician was seen controlling the horse alone with a huge crowd surrounding him.

The BJP’s Vikas Yatra entered Khargone district’s Thibgaon on Thursday night where Balkrishna Patidar was welcomed by a jubilant crowd.

A video from the rally shows the 69-year-old former minister mounted on a horse as villagers greet him with thumping beats of dhols and fireworks. At one point, the horse gets agitated due to the noise and starts moving erratically. But, Mr Patidar firmly holds the reins and controls the horse as it jumps around. Later, the BJP leader is seen attending a ceremony. Speaking about riding the horse, Balkrishna Patidar said, “Ghoda humara maza le raha tha, hum ghode ke maze le rahe the (the horse was having fun and so was I).”

The former minister shared that he rode the horse at the demand of the villagers, who had brought the animal for him.

Mr Patidar further said that the public is happy with the development in Madhya Pradesh and that it was reflecting in the yatra. He added that people were celebrating the work done for them and he was just a part of it.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan flagged off the Vikas Yatras in the state this month. The march will continue till February 25. 

According to BJP leaders, the Vikas Yatras are aimed at spreading the Madhya Pradesh government’s development mantra across the state. The party said that during the march, the state government will interact with beneficiaries of various schemes and launch development projects.

The Assembly elections are scheduled in Madhya Pradesh this year where the BJP is aiming to return to power.

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