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New Dellhi: 3 cities, 4 green corridors to transport 2 live hearts

New Delhi: Four separate zero-traffic green corridors were created in three different cities in the past 48 hours to transport two live hearts for transplant from Delhi to Pune and Ahmedabad to Delhi.

A heart, which was donated at Army Hospital (Research and Referral), was carried to Palam Air Force Station in Delhi and then from the Pune airport to the local Army’s hospital there for transplant to a recipient on Saturday. Another green corridor was created from the Delhi airport to AIIMS on Sunday to receive the other heart from a donor in Ahmedabad, said National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) officials. The time taken from Ahmedabad hospital to a local airport was not available immediately, but officials confirmed that the green corridor was created for safe and prompt transport.

The live heart from R&R Hospital was airlifted from Delhi to Pune in an Indian Air Force aircraft for swift transport of the organ. The flight time to Pune from Delhi was 98 minutes. A heart transplant usually needs to occur within four hours of organ removal for the donor to remain usable, said doctors.

The heart was donated by the family of an ex-serviceman, Vivekanand Sharma (40), who was declared brain dead following severe head injuries at R&R Hospital on Saturday. The six-minute green corridor was created to the Palam station to cover 6 kilometres distance on Saturday and it took another 17 minutes to transport it from the Pune airport to the Army hospital there.

Sharma had met with an accident in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district on February 8. Sharma’s relative Anil told TOI that he was hit by a two-wheeler from behind when he was walking in the village and sustained severe head injuries. He was initially taken to a civil hospital in the district, where he was intubated and referred to R&R Hospital on February 9. Doctors declared him brain dead the next day.

According to officials, Sharma’s wife Manju Lata is not well educated and she had never heard anything about organ donation, but she decided to donate her husband’s organs after doctors told them that these could save the lives of others. “I wasn’t aware about organ donation earlier, but it’s a noble cause of saving others’ lives. Since my husband was in the Army and had dedicated his life to the nation, being his wife, it was my duty to save people’s lives by giving consent for donating his organ,” she said.

Sharma’s organs were allocated to recipients through NOTTO. The organs were retrieved, transported and transplanted on the same day, said officials.

Sharma’s heart was given to a 25-year-old woman, wife of a soldier in Pune, while one kidney to a soldier in R&R Hospital and another to RML Hospital for transplantation. However, his lungs and liver could not be used as they were not in a state of transplantation.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, another green corridor was created from the Delhi airport to AIIMS (18.2 kilometre distance was covered in 18 minutes) for transporting the live heart, which came through private airlines. Officials said that the heart of the 39-year-old male donor was air transported by a private airline from Ahmedabad to Delhi and transplanted to a 32-year-old male recipient.

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