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Nagpur: Teacher awaiting kidney transplant dies, family donates liver, eyes

Nagpur: A 49-year-old teacher, who was on dialysis due to kidney failure, and died without getting a kidney for a transplant, ended up giving a second lease of life to a patient awaiting a liver transplant, on Tuesday.

The Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC) Nagpur said this is Nagpur’s first organ donation of the year 2023. Dilip Pandurang Gohokar, a teacher from Chalisgaon village in Vani tehsil of Yavatmal, was a patient of chronic kidney disease. He was on dialysis and waiting for some donor or a deceased donor to get a kidney for transplant.

On January 12, Dilip had episodes of vomiting and giddiness, and was admitted to SS Multispecialty Hospital in the city. He was diagnosed with a non-traumatic brain haemorrhage. Despite 11 days of treatment in hospital, he could not be saved. Doctors declared him brain dead on January 23.

Dr Amit Pasari counselled Gohorkar’s wife Shilpa, and brother Rajiv to go in for organ donation. They readily agreed to donate the organs. His daughter Vaishnavi, a 2nd year engineering student, too supported their decision.

“My husband was highly educated. He was double MSc in physics and mathematics. A member of many social organizations, he was always ready to help all. We, as a family, understand the importance of organ donation because we were there in the waiting list,” said Shilpa.

Dr Rahul Saxena, secretary of ZTCC Nagpur, said that the patient’s liver gave life to a 56-year-old woman. “The liver transplant was conducted at Alexis Hospital. The family had agreed to donate lungs too. But, after testing, the lungs were found medically unfit for transplant,” said Dr Saxena. His eyes were donated to Mahatme Eye Bank. They will also give a gift of vision to two needy people.

SS Multispecialty Hospital staff created an honour corridor and paid tributes to the donor. They also provided free ambulance service to the family’s native place Wani.

ZTCC officials said that this was the 96th deceased organ donation since the formation of ZTCC Nagpur and second from SS Multispecialty Hospital.



Deceased donor: Dilip Pandurang Gohokar, 49

From: Chalisgaon, Wani, Yavatmal

Consent by: Wife Shilpa, brother Rajiv, daughter Vaishnavi

Beneficiary: Liver given to 56-year-old woman at Alexis Hospital

Pair of corneas: Mahatme Eye Bank

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