Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur Reveals He Is “Completely Dyslexic”

Shekhar Kapur talks about dyslexia

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur took to Twitter and talked about his diagnosis of dyslexia. The director who often shares life lessons on Twitter, talked about the major chapter of his life, and he revealed that he is “completely dyslexic”. In his tweet, he shared that in school he hated the Maths subject.

Mr India director wrote, “Lessons of Life: I’m completely dyslexic. And finding more and more artists poets musicians suffer from dyslexia too. Are you? With #AI I’ve developed a love for visual mathematics, but in school developed a hatred for Maths… of course! With #dyslexia, numbers made little sense.”

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His post soon went viral and social media users praised him for talking about his condition. Many social media users also lauded him for bringing his creativity to films. A user wrote, “Kudos for awareness and converting into Unfathomable creativity with rare sensitivity!”

Another user wrote, “I’m not dyslexic but Jamie is. But I have a developmental language disability so it affects me in a lot of things. I’m not sure what all AI is but definitely had some support at school.”

The third user wrote, “I am dyslexic, developed a love for business math because it had a goal. Traditional maths still gives me nightmares.”

“Shekhar, you don’t need AI, for that, there are other techniques, too,” the fourth user wrote.

In 2018, the filmmaker opened up about his struggle with attention deficit disorder (ADD) which is common for dyslexia. In his post, he thanked God that back then there were no special schools for children.

In his post, he wrote, “Lessons of Life: I am completely dyslexic and have intense ADD. I don’t know what else! Thank God there were no special schools for kids like me when I was growing up. They would have beaten out all the rebellion in me. Certainly would not have made any films. Or been creative.”

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