Excitement builds as weight loss drug Wegovy prepares to hit UK pharmacies: GlobalData – ET HealthWorld

Excitement builds as weight loss drug Wegovy prepares to hit UK pharmacies: GlobalData

London: GlobalData, a data analytics company, has said that Novo Nordik’s Wegovy is of great interest as it is the first therapy to be approved in the obesity space that is administered on a weekly basis and shows superior efficacy to other currently marketed therapies in this space. It came to light on February 13 that the much anticipated Wegovy (semaglutide) would be available in high-street pharmacies in the UK this spring.

Commenting on this development, Sara Reci, Pharma Analyst, GlobalData, said, “Currently, the only glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1RA) therapy approved for obesity in the UK is Saxenda (liraglutide), which patients are expected to self-administer via subcutaneous injection on a daily basis. Conversely, Wegovy is a therapy that offers efficacy and treatment duration advantages within the obesity market.”

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) interviewed by GlobalData have expressed their excitement over the launch of Wegovy following approval from the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and have voiced that they are satisfied with the current data on the efficacy and weight loss benefits of the therapy, stating that in comparison to therapies that are approved for obesity only, Wegovy shows potential for the greatest amount of weight reduction, facilitating twice as much weight loss as compared to Saxenda.

While highlighting the fact that Wegovy is a longer-acting injectable therapy, thus significantly reducing the number of treatment days in comparison to Saxenda, Reci added, “Wegovy is administered once a week, a factor that is expected to have positive implications on patient compliance. Furthermore, many patients with obesity have other comorbidities and thus require other medications, so this reduction in the frequency of treatment days is more essential to this subset of patients in ameliorating compliance with treatment.”

“While the launch of Wegovy in the UK is highly anticipated, the looming approval of Eli Lilly’s tirzepatide, a dual agonist therapy that is proving to have greater weight loss benefits in clinical trials in comparison to Wegovy, is currently under fast-track designation for obesity in the US and likely to strike up competition among incretin mimetic therapies once it reaches the market in the not-so-distant future,” Reci concluded by saying, “Nonetheless, the imminent availability of Wegovy in high-street pharmacies is set to propel the drug into the UK obesity market.”

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