27-Year-Old Man Dies By Suicide On Facebook Live Over Girlfriend’s No To Marriage

Jaydeep Roy, a medical sales professional, died by hanging in his rented room in Silchar.


A 27-year-old man died by suicide while live-casting on Facebook, citing his girlfriend’s refusal to marry him and her family’s pressure on her. His shocked family did not go to the cops until now for the Monday incident, and are now accusing the woman’s family for his death.

Police have started a probe.

Jaydeep Roy, a medical sales professional, died by hanging in his rented room in Silchar — his family lived in nearby Kalain — after saying in the Facebook live: “I sent a formal proposal of marriage but, in front of everyone, she refused. Later her uncle came to me and said they will kill her because of our relationship. Now I am leaving this world so that she doesn’t suffer because of me.” 

He further said, “I am saying sorry to my mother, uncle, aunt, sister, elder brother, niece and brother-in-law. I love you all, but I love my girlfriend more and I can’t live without her.”

His elder brother, Rupam Ray, said, “Our family is in deep shock and we don’t understand what to do. That’s why, till now, we have not filed any FIR. Today we will go to the Silchar police station and decide the next course of action.”

He alleged, “The woman’s family pressured my bother to take the drastic step. Her uncle threatened to kill her. My brother was a good man and was taking care of our whole family. He earned well, so I don’t understand what the problem was for the woman’s family.”

In the Facebook live, victim Jaydeep Roy said he could not handle the refusal after years of being in a relationship.

“We have not received any formal complaint from the family yet,” said area police officer Numal Mahanta, “But we have launched an investigation.”

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